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The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary


The James Michel Foundation fully supports and endorses the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS).

The health of the Arctic Ocean and polar ice cap keeps our planet cool. Every year, record high temperatures are set, then broken. Rising sea levels are beginning to swallow shorelines around the world. Weather has become more and more erratic, bringing floods, droughts, hurricanes, wildfires and other calamities to an extent never before known. As the polar ice continues to recede at an accelerating rate exploitative human activity in the Arctic Ocean has become economically feasible at the risk of putting all life on Earth at risk.

MAPS safeguards all life on the planet by protecting the vulnerable, climate-regulating Arctic Ocean from exploitation of all kinds. It stabilizes global weather patterns, protects biodiversity, and rebalances ecosystems so that humanity, animals and plants have the food and resources needed to survive. MAPS will be realized by a unifying international agreement, administered by the United Nations, called the MAPS Treaty. Encompassing the entire Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle, MAPS is the world’s largest marine protected area, and enters into force when 99 countries, including the Arctic nations, sign the MAPS Treaty.

You can support the realization of MAPS by adding your name to the MAPS Petition.


“The Arctic – no matter where we come from and where we live – is the common heritage of all humans. Its fate and future have serious consequences for all of us, not least for Small Islands Developing States (SIDS). We are all too aware of these consequences. As the polar ice caps melt our low-lying islands face the imminent threat of being submerged and our people becoming environmental refugees. Some, for selfish short-term gains and profits, through their reckless activities and actions, are accelerating this process at an alarming rate. We cannot allow this to happen. There is much to be done. One of the first steps is to join the MAPS Coalition so that our voices can be heard on a global scale and enable us to channel our efforts and aspirations for the good of all. We must respond to the great challenges we face with boundless skills and imagination. The James Michel Foundation is enthusiastic to do all that it can in any role to advance the prospects of humanity, together with MAPS.”

James Alix Michel- 29th February 2018