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The James Michel Foundation takes an active role in the promotion of Seychelles Blue Economy activities; engaging with the business and maritime communities, scientists, NGOs, academic institutions, government agencies and departments, to encourage the implementation of the Blue Economy initiatives in the islands where:

  • the ocean’s great resources should be used sustainably;
  • economic benefits should be distributed fairly; and
  • the carbon footprint of the country should be reduced.

The James Michel Foundation organises conferences, workshops, training sessions and other networking events in order to give life to the Blue Economy movement in the islands.

The James Michel Foundation engages with Seychellois investors and entrepreneurs for the development of new business ventures in the Blue Economy and also connects foreign investor with potential Blue Economy partners in Seychelles.

“We can make a difference by being more inventive.  We should look not simply at the way the sea has been used in the past and replicate that.  Of course, we must listen to fishermen and boat-builders, divers and ship’s captains, who have a deep understanding of the sea and what it can offer.  But we must also invite some of the world’s best minds to turn their attention to the oceans, breaking new frontiers of knowledge and application.”

James Michel, 29th November, 2016. Read the full speech.