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The James Michel Foundation strives to encourage post-secondary school graduates and mid-career professionals in Seychelles to study and obtain qualifications that will enable them to enter a fulfilling career in the Blue Economy or increase their knowledge in the field.

The scholarship scheme is designed for applicants with appropriate qualifications who would like to undertake short courses as well as undergraduate or post-graduate studies at selected academic and training institutions.

Details of the fields of study as well as conditions pertaining to tuition and living costs, will be advertised in due course.

The James Michel Foundation can also help the prospective applicants for a scholarship to find the right institution for their field of study. The Foundation has established contact with a number of institutions worldwide, offering a wide range of courses and will help their members to apply for those courses.

Contact the Foundation to apply.


For the latest scholarship availibility see: 3 Scholarships in Blue Economy-related fields in China