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Research and Innovation

The James Michel Foundation is a think-tank for research and innovation in the Blue Economy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development. It puts a premium on the potential of science and human ingenuity to tackle three of the world’s most challenging issues.

The Foundation will work alongside the many local and international academic institutions and NGOs but it will also aspire to be a hub for ideas that cross organisational and national boundaries. Being itself in a small island state in the middle of a great ocean it will speak for others in a similar situation. But the focus on research and innovation will be directed to the rest of the world too.

Young scholars and entrepreneurs will be encouraged to come to Seychelles to share ideas and together create new ones. The Foundation will create an exciting environment where innovation will flourish.

Directly linked to the Foundation, the James Michel Blue Economy Research Institute of the University of Seychelles will offer important links to leading institutions worldwide, and will provide a flow of information on the latest developments in the Blue Economy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

James Michel himself has gained a deserved reputation as a visionary and the blend of his experience and contacts with international leaders, combined with the energy and enthusiasm of youth will underpin the ambitious goals of the Foundation. There are no limits to what can be achieved.