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“Climate Action, A Battle We Must Win” - Former President Michel tells Students

“Climate Action, A Battle We Must Win” - Former President Michel tells Students

Former President James Michel has urged the youth of the world to continue to educate themselves on the possibilities discovered and undiscovered to save our rainforest, put a stop to extinction, control carbon emission, support Sustainable Development Goals, make cities greener and consumer habits cruelty free. He said that action is needed to reverse climate change and this is a battle that must be won. President Michel was addressing at least 250 thousand students and their teachers from across the globe through video link as part of activities marking World Climate Action Day on November 4.

“We can protect and appreciate better what we love. Let us love our planet so that we can take better care of it. Let us love our Ocean and all within it. Let us love our land, our environment, our forests and all its biodiversity. Do not forget that we are all connected” Michel commented.

He also spoke about the importance of regeneration of marine species through the protection of at least 30% of oceans, including the high seas so that reproduction can increase and ensure livelihoods of communities. “This is what I call sustainability. This is what I call a planet in balance. And this is why I'm asking you all to be the stewards to maintain that balance” Michel continued. 

Commenting on the importance of Climate Education the Former President says it will ensure that we value our land, our environment and our ocean because they are The means of our survival as a species. Education will ensure that the young people and communities in general have the knowledge and skills to do the right things to mitigate against climate change and prevent further global warming. “I call on everyone to intensify the global movement in climate education” Michel stressed.

The event which also featured on the COP26 agenda was part of the ‘Climate Action Project’ which is a six-week initiative that has reached 2.7 million people across 145 countries.
Schools and classrooms recorded their efforts for Climate Action and the Top 20 participating schools will be awarded with a ‘Schools of Excellence Award’.


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