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Marine Protected Areas Tops Discussion Agenda

Marine Protected Areas Tops Discussion Agenda

Former President James Michel; the Executive chairman of the James Michel Foundation met with the Director of the Pew-Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Initiative, Matt Rand, in Washington DC this Thursday. Mr. Michel is an Ocean Ambassador with the organisation. He was appointed in 2018.

High on the discussion agenda were the need and targets for ocean protection. Emphasis was put on the vision of “the establishment of the 1st generation of ecologically significant and effective marine protected areas around the world” and the target of having 30% of marine space declared protected areas by 2030.

They also discussed the high seas treaty, the curbing and ending harmful fishing subsidies as well as the restoration of balance on fishing in order for the communities to benefit in a sustainable manner.

Speaking just after the meeting, Mr. Michel commented that “there is always hope when such organisations come forward and call on the world to take stock of our activities and their impacts on our oceans. I feel privilege to be able to be one of the Ambassadors”. 

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