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James Michel Foundation and GLISPA discusses the Blue Economy

James Michel Foundation and GLISPA discusses the Blue Economy

The Executive Chairman of The James Michel Foundation, former President James Michel has had discussions with the leadership of the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA) in Washington this Thursday..

Mr, Michel met with Ambassador Hersey Kyoto the current Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Washington DC who is also the longest serving Palauan ambassador to the United States and the Executive Director of GLISPA, Mrs. Kate Brown. 

Their discussions centred on the advocacy of the Blue Economy concept, the challenges and opportunities of small island states, and the future of GLISPA- the latter being a platform that Mr. Michel co- founded in 2006 together with President Thomas Remengesau, Jr. of Palau. 

The platform enables island leaders and their supporters to take action to build resilient and sustainable island communities. 
“The time has come for us to look at the way forward for GLISPA. After 13years of existence, existence, it is time for us to chart a new direction for the sustainability and resilience of our island communities. It is important that the concept of the Blue Economy finds its rightful place in our pursuit of sustainability and conservation of our island nations”, remarked Former president James Michel.

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