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Commonwealth Blue Charter - A Positive Step for our Oceans

Commonwealth Blue Charter - A Positive Step for our Oceans

The James Michel Foundation welcomes the agreement by Commonwealth leaders’ to adopt the Commonwealth Blue Charter for a co-ordinated push to protect the oceans from the effects of climate change, pollution and over-fishing.

Commenting on the move, the Executive Chairman of the James Michel Foundation, former President of Seychelles, Mr. James Michel says he is greatly encouraged that the Commonwealth leaders have recognised that Climate change requires “clear thinking, science-based approaches as well as constructive and collaborative actions by nations in order to mitigate its effects”.

The Commonwealth Blue Charter is set to affect one third of the world’s national coastal waters, helping to sustain livelihoods and ecosystems globally.

“This is the kind of positive response I am anticipating in my numerous calls for action towards the sustainable development and protection of our oceans and its resources, especially that of small Island Developing states” says Mr. Michel who has been in the forefront of leaders who have warned that “as politicians talk, the waters of our oceans reach ever higher around the shores of small island states. In some cases, the very future of such nations is in jeopardy, the homes and livelihood of thousands if not millions will be lost”.

The James Michel Foundations is particularly pleased that the Blue Charter for action on oceans touches on the two raison d’être of the Foundation’s existence; the Blue Economy and Climate Change and Sustainability, which are also the great challenges of our time.
The foundation also takes note with pride that some of the actions are being spearheaded by small islands states and coastal nations.


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