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World Oceans Day (2024) Message from Former President Michel

World Oceans Day (2024) Message from Former President Michel

08 June, 2024

Action, action, action! There has never been an instance in my many years of advocating for a safe and sustainable ocean economy where I have failed to assert that nothing can be done to achieve change without ACTION, no matter how small.

The health of the planet as a whole depends on its intricate workings, and although the ocean has proved to be remarkably resilient, it is presently under severe pressure from rising temperatures and other destructive anthropogenic activities. In my new book, ‘Revisiting the Ocean: Living the Economy’, I explore the accomplishments of many communities, organisations, countries, and regions in their actionable efforts thus far to mitigate and adapt to climate change and generate a healthy and sustainable blue planet; none of which have been achieved alone.

This years’ World Oceans Day Theme is ‘Catalyzing Action for Our Ocean & Climate’ and this can only be achieved through COLLABORATION. It is key to solving many of humanity’s greatest challenges; it is key to drive up innovative solutions.

So spark the conversations and transform them into action! Amplify the global movement to protect our Ocean and Climate!

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