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Library and Museum

The James Michel Foundation Library and Museum is the presidential library and museum of James Michel, the third president of the Republic of Seychelles (April 2004 – October 2016). It is located in “Espace Building” at Ile du Port, Mahé, Seychelles, which also houses the offices of the Foundation’s headquarters and those of the former president.

The purpose of the library and museum is several-fold, not least to:

(i) promote and preserve the legacy of President James Michel;

(ii) promote his accomplishments through educational programs and exhibits;

(iii) maintain and preserve documents, artefacts, gifts of state and museum exhibits that relate to the former president's life and career;

(iv) provide scholars with access to Presidential documents;

(v) conduct oral history interviews with members of the public and Presidential administrations;

(vi) sponsor research conferences ;

(vii) provide a supporting environment for research, discussions and consultations on the Blue Economy, climate change, small island developing states and sustainable development;

(viii) showcase Michel’s publications and interventions both in traditional print and electronic format; (ix) provide the platform for an archival and retrieval centre;

(x) provide an active series of public programmes aimed especially at the youth.

The library features numerous items from Michel’s time as president, including books that he has written, speeches that he has delivered and interviews that he has given, other documents and photographs. The Library also contains a rare collection of books, manuscripts and books on Seychelles, some of which dating back to the 19th century.

The museum showcases artefacts from James A Michel’s three terms as president and include electronic information along with physical documents, as well as various personal gifts and items of local historical and cultural value.

The Digital Library of President Michel's press releases, speeches, messages, photo galleries and videos can be accessed on www.jamesalixmichel.com.