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Global Blue Diplomacy

The James Michel Foundation spearheads the Global Blue Diplomacy programme,engaging world leaders, scientific experts and philanthropists, while seeking  support from the scientific community, governments,  civil society and private businesses to promote and realise Blue Economy initiatives around the world, as a unique model of ocean conservation and economic development.

While the James Michel Foundation does not directly implement global projects, it facilitates the Blue Economy movement around the world by helping people and organisations to network, start new partnerships, pool resources, and make an active contribution to the Blue Economy paradigm being discussed on the international scene.

The James Michel Foundation engages with international organisations and promotes the Blue Economy concept at international events, to seek greater support of the international community for Blue Economy initiatives and policies.

Through networking events, knowledge-building partnerships, and media engagements, the James Michel Foundation seeks to create a greater awareness of the challenges faced in developing and  implementing Blue Economy strategies.