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Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Executive Chairman
James Alix Michel was the third President of the Republic of Seychelles between April 2004 and October 2016. Prior to this he was the Vice-President and the longest serving Cabinet minister in Seychelles, serving a total of 39 years in the Cabinet. He is the patron of the James Michel Blue Economy Research Institute and also patron of the Jj Spirit Foundation. He is the Chancellor of the University of Seychelles.


Professor Dennis Hardy is the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Seychelles.He was formerly deputy vice-chancellor of Middlesex University in London and later headed the university’s campus in Dubai. As an urban planning specialist, his most recent assignment was in South Australia. He has written numerous books and articles on communities, utopianism and planning history and is a past president of the International Communal Studies Association.



David Savy is an aviation expert and business consultant, who was formerly Chairman and CEO of Air Seychelles for 14 years and formerly pilot captain of Boeing 757/767 aircraft. He is the Chairman of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority and Skychef/Servair. Capt Savy helped set-up the Seychelles EEZ maritime surveillance and monitoring program in the early 80’s whilst serving in the armed forces.



Jeanette Larue is an advocate of environmental education. She is the technical adviser for environment education in the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change. She has a BA in Education, Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Development and over 20 years experience in education for sustainable development. She is the local focal point for education of the UNFCCC and vice chairperson of the SIDS DOCK International Woman forum.



Joseph Albert
Joseph Albert is tourism and hospitality expert and prominent businessman, who is currently the Chairman of Creole Travel Services Group. CTS has three primary business activities; one of the largest tour operators in Seychelles, ownership and management of 2 boutique hotels and ownership of fast ferry services ‘Cat Cocos”.


Paul Morin
Paul Morin is a Chairman and CEO of the Morin Group, which is a leading fisheries and sea cumber industry operator in Seychelles. He is the Chairman of the Association of Members of the Seychelles Sea cucumber Industry and Vice-Chairman of the Fishermen and Boat Owners Association.


Doreen Monthy
Doreen Monthy was the Personal Assistant to President James Michel for thirty-three years during his service as a Minister, Vice-President and President of Republic of Seychelles.


Alejandro Angauzzi
Alejandro Angauzzi is a scientific expert in global fisheries and sustainable development. He is currently the Global Tuna Project Coordinator of the Common Oceans Programme of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, and the Acting Executive Secretary of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission, where he served as Executive Secretary and Science Manager for 15 years. He also worked for the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission as a scientist for 14 years.


Maxim Behar
Maxim Behar is an awarding global PR expert and thought leader. He is the Chairman of M3 Communications Croup in Bulgaria and President of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation. He is also the Consul General for Seychelles in the Republic of Bulgaria since 2004 and the Co-Founder of the Seychelles News Agency.


Ameer Ebrahim
Ameer Ebrahim is a marine conservationist and doctoral candidate in Marine Ecology at the University of Queensland. He is currently carrying out his PhD research in collaboration with the Seychelles Fishing Authority. He is a member of the Seychelles chapter of the SIDs Youth AIMS Hub (SYAH).


Honorary Members will be announced in due course.