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Former President Michel releases a new book - 'Revisiting the Ocean: Living The Blue Economy'

Former President Michel releases a new book - 'Revisiting the Ocean: Living The Blue Economy'

Former President James Michel spotlights the pioneering work being carried out by communities at all global levels in his new book, ‘Revisiting The Ocean: Living the Blue Economy’ - a sequel to his first book released in 2016, titled 'Rethinking The Oceans: Towards The Blue Economy' - which has been officially launched and is on sale as from today.

This new book was funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, written under the auspices of the James Michel Foundation and authored by our Chairman and Former President of the Republic of Seychelles, James Alix Michel. It provides an educational and all-encompassing overview of how we can ultimately live the blue economy, and highlights that even if the relationship between humans and the ocean is often harmful, there is still great reason for hope. Far from fantasy, the book focuses on current examples of how the world is moving towards the blue economy including analysis of the UN’s sustainable development goals for the ocean by 2030 and discussing ocean champions and organisations passionately caring for the ocean.

'Revisiting The Ocean: Living The Blue Economy' is endorsed by Dr Enric Sala, (Marine Ecologist, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and Founder of Pristine Seas) and Ruth Boumphrey (CEO of the Lloyd's Register Foundation). This book has been reviewed by Belinda Bramley (Blue Economy Consultant) and Carlo Celia (PhD Researcher).

“While this is a book which celebrates the advances we’ve made in the blue economy, I am a realist and I do not shy away from the challenges that we face on this journey. I am also an optimist and can see the immense amount of progress that has already been made. I hope this book shows people how far we’ve come and the practical steps we can take to start living the blue economy”, says Michel. 

Revisiting the Ocean: Living the Blue Economy, is now available on: 

All royalties and/or proceeds generated from the sale of this book will be donated to the James Michel Foundation to further its vision and mission. 

CLICK HERE for two excerpts from the book, as well as more information about the book.


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