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Blue Economy Incubator

You can dive into the Blue Economy, with all its opportunities for sustainable ocean-based businesses, by applying for support under the Blue Economy Incubator Programme. 

The programme is a start-up incubator that encourages young, ambitious Seychellois entrepreneurs to develop innovative business ventures that will become leading ventures in the Blue Economy. 

The James Michel Foundation may provide funding, technological and administrative support, as well as introductions to potential partners and investors. 

The Blue Economy Incubator Programme includes: 

  •  Advice on creating a feasible and profitable business plan.
  •  Start-up funding – successful applicants may receive seed funding for the implementation of their business proposal, according to a strict set of criteria. Projects will be selected by a committee and funding for their implementation will be sought from donors.
  • Training sessions and mentorship by technological experts, entrepreneurs and coaches.
  • Advice and support for setting up a new business, including recruitment and management advice
  •  Meetings with potential investors to pitch investment proposals.


“The success of the Blue Economy will depend on unleashing a new generation of entrepreneurs who can match the impact of the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in the legendary Silicon Valley. Can we anticipate individuals who can do the same for the Blue Economy, creating a global transformation in our use of the sea? We can learn much from the example of the Information Age pioneers. 

Their success was not a result of top-down planning. Instead, young people found their way to a particular locality, attracted by an absence of inhibiting rules and regulations, by the inspiration of being with other like-minded individuals and by the proximity of the world-class Stanford University. They made good use of vacant garages and front-rooms, dressed casually and played loud music. Their genius was not only to come up with ground-breaking ideas but to turn these into business opportunities. It was a heady mix but surely we could imagine comparable clusters of bright young people at different points around our oceans”.  

James Alix Michel- 29th November 2016. Read the full speech.