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Local Members

Ms. Winifred Bella Baccarie

Ms. Winifred Bella Baccarie is a Seychellois born on the 3rd July 1976, a mother of five currently working with the Seychelles Police Force for the last fifteen years in different capacities. She is also a beneficiary of the Seychelles Young Leaders Programme.

Ms. Baccarie was also a member on the Prison Advisory Board (2011-2012), The Moral and Social Renaissance Committee (2011), the Crime and Harm Reduction Committee where she also got the chance to work with UN Women Organisation and the UNODC.

Ms. Baccarie has received vast training in Crime and society, Maritime crime investigation, drug counselling, and also won the Overall Award in the African Law Enforcement Leadership Development Programme.

Presently Ms. Baccarie is the Public Relations and Corporate Image Officer of the Seychelles Police Force.

Mr Nimhan Senaratne

Mr Nimhan Senaratne draws on over 8 years of professional working experience as the former Director of Environmental Engineering and Wetlands rehabilitation within the Ministry of Environment and Energy for Seychelles. His key area of expertise lies in Environmental and Social Impact assessments, leading local scoping and stakeholder engagements, as well as having the capacity to provide a supportive local office for joint ventures will international leading firms through a strong professional network and plethora of experience in Seychelles.

In 2014, he founded ECO-SOL, a 100% Seychellois company that specializes in Turnkey product delivery spanning Environmental Surveying, Conceptualization, Design, Costing, tendering to final delivery with M&E. He is well experienced in coordinating and managing experts with varying backgrounds and fields of specialty into one cohesive team to successfully achieve the required output for projects. His past experience with international ventures include a Joint Venture collaboration with AGRER (Belgium) on an Agriculture Feasibility study as well as a consortium agreement with eCoast (New Zealand) for the North East Point Class 2 Hydrodynamic UNDP Project.

Nimhan was appointed Chairman of the Drainage Task Force, initiating and commissioning Major Hydrology and Drainage work.  He was also nominated as Technical Focal Point for the Integrated Coastal Zone Management sector of the Nairobi Convention of protocols, the National Focal Point for Ecosystem Based Adaption projects with China, and was the countries’ technical focal point for the Sey-Japanese Coastal management and Flood Alleviation feasibility study that spanned over 3 years. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC), as a board member for the Seychelles Landscape and Waste Management Agency (LWMA) and was the lead field logistical coordinator for the Countries Disaster Risk Reduction Sector.

Nimhan is guided by the conviction that development can go hand in hand with sustainability – when done right. When away from work, he can be found surfing or undertaking charity activities with Round Table Seychelles.

 Mr. Christophe levivier 

Mr. Christophe has occupied the maritime field for 27 years holding various positions and functions. Mr. Christophe has participated in various operations and projects as an adviser at military level in France and abroad. Mr. Christophe is a specialist in marine safety and he is currently the Deputy Director of the Center for Advanced Military Studies in Paris.