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Thu, 07 February 2019

The James Michel Foundation is gathering momentum by the day and is determined to continue the work it is engaged in to create a positive impact for humanity says its Executive Chairman on the occasion of the second anniversary.

The sustainability of the beautiful islands of the Seychelles is at the heart of the works of the Foundation. We pride ourselves on the promotion of the Blue Economy concept, awareness on climate change and its impacts on Seychelles and the world, especially other small island developing states and environmental protection in general.

Founded on 7th February, 2017, the James Michel Foundation is guided by a commitment to encourage and sensitise the people of Seychelles to partake in the promotion of the Blue Economy concept, both in its national and international aspects, promote research and development in that field, make the protection of our environment and the sustainable development concept a central tennet of all our activities and operations; actively promote awareness of climate change and its effects with a view to sensitising the people from all cross-sections of the society of the threat they pose to Seychelles and the world, and the necessity of taking remedial action to reverse it.

 Our work stems from the experiences and legacy of our Founder and Executive Chairman Mr. James Alix Michel who served as President of the Republic of Seychelles between April 2004 and October 2016.

In a message on this occasion Mr. Michel says that upon leaving the presidency “the Foundation gave me the opportunity to continue to focus my attention and devote my time to various causes I passionately believe in: causes such as those relating to small island states, climate change, the Blue Economy, environmental protection and preservation, the health of our oceans and the empowerment of our youth”.

These issues are of crucial importance to our survival and “we must address the problems humanity is facing through the SDGs especially the protection of the oceans and its ecosystems” he adds.

“I am committed to making my contribution to advance the prospects of humanity.  This is the essence of The James Michel Foundation – it’s raison d’etre"he concludes. Full message


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